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Meeting Logs

Meeting 1: 2/5, 1pm (40 mins) - Sagar Sanyal

1. Administrative tasks – Sophie will be contact person for client. Responsibilities: Check emails regularly; convey group questions to client; convey client instructions to group. Regular meeting time Saturday 1pm by zoom. Basic tasks in meetings will be rotated: facilitator, timekeeper, notetaker. Sophie to take minutes next week.

2. Extension – Discussion of work and life situation of members, and the resulting uncertainty of gauging study time. Agreement to request 3 week extension, but to aim to finish as soon as possible. Sagar to send extension application.

3. Decide on a technology – Discussion of two main options: 1. Use of social media for library marketing, and training librarians in social media to help patrons. 2. Virtual Reality technology. Decision: Virtual Reality (unanimous)

4. Tasks for the week – Begin exploratory research on aspects of the tool. Team members assigned to separate aspects: Zabrynn: Costs of the software. Sophie: Necessary infrastructure for using VR in libraries. Tim: Education programs using VR as the medium, and training programs on how to use VR. Sagar: Examples of libraries using VR technology. Remy: Costs of hardware

Meeting 2: 9/5, 1pm (1 hr) - Sophie Bazzano

Project Ideas Discussion: VR vs. AR

Augmented Reality (AR): Shelving materials for library staff and users, using barcode technology. Eg, using a smartphone to locate materials within the library. Barcode technology scanning via app software. Group members expressed concern: Is this worth justifying the expense of 200K?

Virtual Reality (VR): VR from home, using cardboard DIY (in covid environment). Discussion regarding headsets, programmes, justifying the library having this technology. User policy, security, and administration. State Library of QLD, policy clauses on how to use VR, Group members agreed to look further, and complete individual research on both AR and VR to gain a better understanding of both technologies and their relevance to the Australian library environment.

Administrative tasks: The idea was proposed to meet for two hours a week, instead of one. Group members agreed that 1x hour a week meeting was sufficient, as long as members continue to update each other within the group facebook chat.

Discussion regarding final video presentation, some members expressed concerns. All group members resolved that the video presentation and html component of the assignment will possibly be divided, as to cater to different access to tech.

A folder on google drive was established to collate all documents and information. Members were added to the folder.

Next meeting: All members decided to do more research on VR and AR, and create a poll the following Wednesday on the facebook chat group to decide the group project idea.

Meeting 3: 20/5, 4pm (1 hr) - Remy Schneider

Presentation – To decide: 3 mins per person or just 1 presenter?

Website – Ensure formatting same for everyone. Sagar to make CSS file for site, and template html page for others to follow.

Report – 500-1000 words per person, split into 5 sections below. Assigned person to write that section, and make the html for that webpage:

1. Sophie: Describe the Technology – Wayfinding and Book Review

2. Remy: Recent Development and Trends – Infrastructure and Costs (keep in $200K budget)

3. Sagar: Current examples of Tech – Real Life examples, preferably Public Libraries in Aus 

4. Zabrynn: Implications for Dewey Library – Staff Training, Implementation, Storage and Safety

5. Tim: Recommendations and Assumptions About Dewey Library

Sophie contact Lizzie (client).

Each person to keep note of References. Include ~2 Diagrams/Visual Representations per person/section. Next meeting Thu 28 @4pm (TBC)

Meeting 4: 4/6, 5pm (1 hr) - Zabrynn Lander

We will use Dreamweaver as software. Jobs to be assigned: Proofreading; extra pages of website beyond the already assigned sections.

Website extra pages and remaining jobs:

1. Meeting logs page - Remy

2. Table of responsibilities - Tim

3. Table of contents and home page, executive summary and introduction - Sophie

4. Proofreading, website design, putting together of webpages- Sagar

5. Presentation: Zabrynn to stitch together componentselements prepared by others (see below), stitch together audio files, make accompanying powerpoint.

Tasks for all: Prepare your section of presentation, develop a script / talking points. To send notes and pictures to Zabrynn.

Start HTML - get used to dreamweaver a bit. Have an idea how you want to have your headings etc.

References will be footnoted on the pages. Next meeting is Tuesday at 5pm.


1. Everyone complete report section by end of tomorrow (5th). By this weekend, read over each other's sections and make comments on google drive/word file in shared folder and let people know if you have commented on their section. By end of this weekend, all of these allotted sections should be in final form, revised after comments.

2. Everyone submit presentation notes for their section to Zabrynn by 13th. Does not have to be slides, just notes.

3. Everyone submit their allocated webpages to Sagar by 14th midnight. Sagar will put together for review by midnight 16th. Review and any final changes on 17th. Submit by midnight 17th.

Meeting 5: 9/6, 5pm (30 mins) - Timothy Coffey

Update on the progress of all consultancy report.

Setting and deadlines for final report.

Reconfirmed the tasks in previous meetings.

Tentative deadlines were set for the next week from the 14th onwards as deadlines we made sure that we would stay in touch through Facebook messenger.

General discussion took place about how we were going to tackle the coding part and efforts we would undertake. Several people offer their help with coding.

Meeting 6: 15/6, 5pm (20 mins) - Sagar Sanyal


Sophie to complete executive summary by midday tomorrow, and let us know if we need to add anything to our separate pages.

Everyone to look over one another’s portions for proofreading edits. If any edits are made, we should inform the author of that section so that they can update the corresponding html file.

Outstanding individual sections of audio and notes for presentation to be sent to Zabrynn later today.

Sagar has a webhost for the site, and Sagar’s and Remy’s pages are up (provisionally).